In the short time since the group was formed NeoBarock has earned a reputation as an excellent interpreter of exceptional programs with its fascinating renditions that combine passion, perfection and virtuosity. It now ranks as one of the leading formations of its kind. Its intriguing ensemble playing, its breathtaking enthusiasm and homogenous sound make its performances unique and incomparable.

NeoBarock’s name is a synonym for the ensemble’s artistic ambition to mediate between the music of the past and today’s listening modes. NeoBarock presents early music as a new experience of something that may have been just written. Its careful study of the sources and use of historic instruments is not an end in itself, but rather a means to creating a historically authentic as well as an immediate and emotionally moving musical experience.

With its select and stringently composed concert programs NeoBarock is a feted guest in European concert halls and at numerous renowned festivals. Radio productions and concert recordings are frequently broadcast on national and international radio. In well-received CD recordings for the label ambitus NeoBarock has repeatedly devoted itself to Johann Sebastian Bach and his sphere and has “demonstrated itself to be a stylistically competent champion of this repertoire” (Fono Forum).